Turning 30 – 5 Lessons Learned in My 20s

I recently turned 30. I think I handled it well but you do find yourself thinking about what you have achieved and how you have changed. The main thing I could say with confidence is I have ‘grown up’. It sounds lame but I love it. I finally grew up and took control of my own life…like a proper adult! Ha!

Below are a few of the things I learnt heading into 30 that I think will make my next 10 years the best yet!

5 Things I learnt in my 20s
5 Things I learnt in my 20s

I was much skinnier in my early 20s but I was far from healthier. I drank a lot more, binge drinking and smoking at the weekends. I rarely exercised and ate whatever I wanted. I didn’t feel particularly unhealthy but looking back I can’t imagine how I functioned. Now I realised I did function but at a much ‘lower setting’.

When I was in my mid 20s I started to put on weight, and as most women will agree, THAT was my wake up call and  made me change my habits. Living an improved lifestyle (cutting back on alcohol, sleeping 8 hours a night, regular exercise) I found myself feeling physically AND mentally healthier.

I am aware that 30 is far from over the hill but it is so important to stay healthy—physically, mentally and emotionally—in your 20s and learn how to deal with the issues and concerns many of us face during this decade. Doing so can go a long way toward ensuring good health later in life.


I am a self-confessed people pleaser. I have been since I remember. Never wanted to disappoint my parents, always wanted to be liked by my friends and even needed to be adored be complete strangers. I was the ultimate ‘yes’ woman. Being so laid back makes this very easy but as I headed into my late 20s and specifically when I started planning our wedding I realised it is no way to live.

I am now by far a rude bitch and will probably always be ‘perfectly agreeable’ BUT I have learnt to say ‘No’ at times when the request does not fall into my list of priorities and I have stopped apologising when I have done nothing wrong. Since getting married I realise my decisions do not just affect me anymore and therefore I have to consider my husband as well and in that I realised I have disappoint people sometimes and maybe not always be the friend that ‘willingly’ sleeps on the couch.


But it is so worth it. The important relationships in our lives, whether friends or family, need work. In order to maintain we need to put effort it as everyone’s lives become busier and work takes over it can be easy to go weeks without texting or calling your bestie. You may have dates in the diary to meet up next month but keep that line of communication open just to check in is so vital to making sure that relationship stays ‘strong’.

I have been bad at this for years and this is a habit that I now consciously try to adopt on a daily basis. The important people in my life are that for a reason and I would be lost without my loved ones so to ensure it stays that way put the work in. Send a text to loved one you have spoken to in a while right now!


I was genuinely quite clueless about a lot of things related to finance in my 20s. I worked, I got paid and I spent it. I didn’t fully understand the importance of investments, or how hard it is to get a mortgage and the pressures involved with paying bills. One of my biggest regrets is not saving as soon as I started earning. I wasted as least 4 years of cash that I would LOVE to have right now.

I also didn’t fully understand credit card interest rates and I got myself into credit card debt. My biggest advice to anyone in there 20s is enjoy your life while you are young BUT life financially for your future. Save. If you do nothing else Save.

Understanding not just your financial situation but taking an interest in the world economy and how things affect you is so important to making the right decisions and building a happy and safe future.


Easier said than done but vital. I have heard to many people over the years use the phrase ‘how can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself’ and I personally don’t agree. People will still love you as they will be able to see all the things you don’t BUT if you don’t learn to love yourself you will start to head down a path of self-destruction that can push people away.

Loving yourself does not mean you look in the mirror and see perfection. It means you look in the mirror and feel content in who you are. Accepting your faults and acknowledging when mistakes are made but constantly working toward self-improvement. No one is perfect but every person in this world is unique and has the capacity to achieve something special. You either use it or waste it.

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