5 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

I have always hated Mondays. Since I was in school there is nothing more devastating than the alarm going off on a Monday morning. A few years back, when I was at a job I hated, the Monday blues manged to make their way into my Sunday evenings. Around 5pm on a Sunday I would suddenly get a gut wrenched feeling of dread knowing the weekend was nearly over. Now that was desperation and made me aware I really need to change my job. Which I did – and it helped.

But even though I like my current job and enjoy working with my colleagues – Mondays are still always the hardest day of the week. So I have a a few tips for you to help shake those Monday Blues and start making Mondays the best day of the week.

Beat the Monday Blues
Beat the Monday Blues

I learnt this during a previous job where every Friday at 4pm the entire team would meet together to discuss the week to come. We would go through all the meetings that we had scheduled and status of ongoing projects and once this meeting was over everything discussed would be written up into the weekly planner. This is a common Monday morning practise for many companies but I found that having already planned the week and knowing what I was walking into on Monday without that stress of having to plan made my weekends much more stress free.

I now adopt this practise with my current day job and with my blog. On Friday I will fill in my planner for the following week, writing up my to-do-list for Monday and making sure any loose ends are dealt with so that come Monday morning I am walking into the office with a plan.

I feel more organised, less stressed and it means I spend much less time thinking or ‘worrying’ about work on Monday. I would recommend this practise to anyone who finds themselves spending too much time thinking about Monday workload over the weekend.


One of the best ways to beat the Monday Blues is to actually beat the Monday Laziness. We are still in weekend mode and hit the snooze button one too many times and end up rushing around frantically. You miss breakfast, don’t have enough time to do your hair and makeup and then stub your toe on the door on the way out – all mishaps that ultimately start your day off wrong.

So change it. Start your Monday’s early. Fit in some light exercise before breakfast. Take the time to make yourself look and feel great. Make time to sit and read a newspaper while you have you eat. You will be surprised how much of difference this will make to your Monday. Don’t let your laziness ruin your day.


A great advantage of the early rise if being able to have a good and enjoyable breakfast. Plan you Monday breakfast to be one of your faves. Who said the good old full English breakfast was meant only for Sunday Hangovers. If you have enough time you can have whatever you want and good breakfast will fuel you for the day to help with tackling the Monday Blues.


My favourite and ultimate go-to if I am having a particularly bad morning is Music. Rather than putting on the news or TV, I turn on the radio and find a great station playing up beat fun tunes to get your Monday started right. I never feel better getting ready than when I am singing along to some classic Motown and dancing around in my undies. Music is a great distraction and mood booster. It works for me every time.


Have something else to look forward to other than work on a Monday. I am not sure why more people don’t do it but making social plans on a Monday is a great way to make it feel LESS like a Monday. Arrange to do a Zumba class with a friend or pop in for a cup of tea at your neighbors. I even have a friend who looks forward to Mondays as her favourite show airs that night. It is simple but having something to look forward to will help conquer those Monday Blues.

Ultimately these are are scenarios to help with the superficial downer than comes with the start of a new work week. In all honesty if you are suffering hard from that Monday feeling then you may want to think about why you dread Monday’s so much. For example are you really unhappy with your job? If you are then maybe you need to consider it is time for a change. Nothing is worse than going through life unhappy with what you do – make the changes you want to see in your life happen. Only you can.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and found some of this helpful. If you have any other good  tips to shake the Monday Blues please leave a comment to let me know. Follow me on twitter @miss_els_bells and Follow me on Bloglovin.

Bye For Now.

Beat the Monday Blues Infographic

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