5 Steps to Finding a Good Work-Life Balance

 All work and No play makes Jack a dull Boy!

Not only does an unstable work life balance effect your mood and relationships it can negatively affect your health if you do not take control and have a burnout.

We all want to be successful and success was never achieved without hard work but there is and always will be ‘only 24 hours in a day’ and we cannot forget that time is precious. We all need to make time for families and for our own sanity we need some ‘downtime’ to enjoy life. As what is the point of success if you have no one to share it with.

However, there are ways to maintain a stable work life balance without jeopardising your successful career or your home life:

Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance

People don’t realise how unproductive they have become. It happens without you even being aware of it but note that those extra 15 minutes spent scrolling through Facebook could have meant you left 15 minutes earlier to go home.

While at work make sure to focus solely on your job. Be sure to prioritise your work load for optimal productivity and even make sure your colleagues are doing the same.


Work is work and play is play. Try to keep them separate as much as possible. When you are home try to go offline for at least a couple of hours to spend quality time with your loved ones and equally when at work ensure you are not distracted by home responsibilities.

This is doubly important for those that work from home or have a need to take work home. In this instance ensure you have a designated work space in the home and keep that area as work zone


No matter how busy the day is try to take your lunch break, even it if is 15 minutes away from your normal post with a cup of coffee. Fuelling up and taking a mind break is proven to increase productivity and mood.

My only tip would be not to have a large lunch as this tends to just make me want to take a nap.


In the time you do have to yourself outside of work be sure to make the most of it. Get a hobby, meet with friends and family, exercise. Physical activity is great to boost mood and alleviate stress.


Talk to the people around you about your commitments and responsibilities. If you have any specific family obligations coming, tell you colleagues, explain to them why you won’t be able to stay late. The same goes for family. Any new demands that will take more hours at work –  tell the family. Being open and honest about the situation leads to more understanding and support.

It is important to remember that It is not a weakness to admit when your workload has become too much. This could be at work or even at home.  If you find the demands too much speak to your employer or husband/wife about the issues. You may be surprised by the positive response.

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