Black Friday | 5 Reasons I Avoid the Chaos

This post was inspired by the WordPress DailyPrompt: Chaotic.

Chaotic is the only word that truly describes Black Friday to me and so I avoid it like the plague. Here’s why:


Donald Trump is not my President

Black Friday is an AMERICAN tradition that directly follows the AMERICAN holiday of Thanksgiving.

I am not American or living IN America so I do not understand how Black Friday has made its way over the pond to settle itself so comfortably at our table.

It’s everywhere now. There are even TV Ads. There’s no escaping it.

I don’t need the stress

I find shopping stressful at the best of times. Unless I have a personal shopper and a glass of champagne (which doesn’t happen because I am not Beyonce), then shopping is simply not enjoyable. Trying to find what you want, then trying things on and waiting in line – no fun.

Then on BF you add to that, hundreds of crazed people that suddenly turn into orcs from Lord of the Rings. That is just levels of stress and anxiety I do not need.


I like having control of all my limbs

Granted, there is no guarantee I would be badly hurt, but there is no guarantee I would make it out unscathed either.

It literally sickens and baffles me how people have no shame. A couple of years ago in the UK people were badly injured when shopping in ASDA on Black Friday!! I mean WTF!!!

Black Friday is officially our real life version of ‘The Purge’. No rules and No Mercy!

So, No thank you!


I don’t NEED anything

I don’t NEED anything. But I know for a fact if I got involved with this foolishness I would end up with countless items of clothes, jewellery and probably random house shit I don’t bloody need.

Yes,they may have been cheaper BUT as I have no intention to buy it in the first place I have simply WASTED money.

I will admit that I understand there are those who are in need of certain items for the home or work that they could get much cheaper on this day – but honestly I don’t think there is anything I would EVER need…that badly.

I don’t trust the discounts

Call me cynical but similar to most MASS sales I honestly feel that most retailers are just flogging old and out of date stock they need off their shelves so the new (and not discounted) stuff can take their place.

Obviously, there are some crazy discounts that are ‘hard to believe’, but unless you are giving me a MacBook for Free – it just ain’t worth it.


Yes, I may be a bore and I get that some of you may LOVE all the amazing discounts (you’re stronger than me) but this Friday the only cash I will be spending is for the bottle of pinot I will taking over to my besties to enjoy with a lovely home cooked dinner!

I hope you enjoyed my post and please feel free to let me know in the comments if I am over reacting. Have a great Thanksgiving (if celebrating) and a ‘safe’ Black Friday.

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Bye for Now!

Ella x

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