FOMO – A Millennial Epidemic

This is a public services announcement: A New Wave of FOMO is fast approaching due to the increase of activity on social media over the Festive Season


noun [ U ] /ˈfəʊ.məʊ/ /ˈfoʊ.moʊ/ informal

: abbreviation for “fear of missing out”: a worried feeling that you may miss exciting events that other people are going to, especially caused by things you see on social media


Have you ever found yourself experiencing any of the following scenarios?

It’s Friday night, you have decided to stay in and get an early night to save some money even though a couple of your girlfriends have arranged to meet up for pre-Christmas drinks. You then spend the rest of the evening silently weeping into a glass of wine and stalking them on snap chat.

It’s double date night and the waiter comes to take your order, you decide to stick to your tried and trusted choice. The meal arrives and your friend’s husband has ordered the Christmas special lamb shanks and they look amazing. You spend the remainder of the meal with food envy, cursing yourself for not trying something different and hoping he chokes on the succulent meat.

You had made plans to spend Saturday evening with your mother when, at the last minute, you are invited to a house party at your crushes house. You can’t possibly say no so agree and make up and excuse to your mother. You then go to the party, which ends up being pretty basic, and you have a crap time while stressing over how much of a shitty daughter you are!

If any of the above sound familiar then it is quite indicative that you are suffering from FOMO.

FOMO has increasingly been on the rise in recent years and more notably around the holiday season. So please be vigilant, keep an eye out for the symptoms, pursue the recommended treatment options and consult your doctor if it does not clear up within 5-7 days.

  • Feelings of anxiety and despair
  • Inability to tear yourself away from social media
  • RSVP’ing ‘yes’ to every invitation (regardless of if you double book)
  • A misplaced hatred for others how seemingly have more than yourself
  • Drinking alone at home whilst stalking everyone you know on Instagram
  • Ordering multiple options at a restaurant (just in case)
  • Checking work emails non-stop outside of working hours
  • Joining EVERY SINGLE new ‘fad’ gym class that is advertised
  • Loss of money due to joining the latest get rich quick or get skinny fast scheme

The above are just a selection of the most common symptoms. Although the above are not life –threatening, if left untreated they could cause more severe emotional and societal problems as the lack of down time and over booked  schedules could lead to burn-out.

Do not fear, below are some simple treatment options to overcome FOMO.


Acknowledge the problem – once you are aware of the issue it is ultimately easier to identify and then eradicate

Stop believing everything you see and read on social media – That that one EPIC picture that was posted on Instagram does not mean you missed out on the best night of all time.

Disconnect – If the struggle is real it is best to turn off all social media. Grab a glass of wine and a good movie and done concern yourself with the plans of the outside world.

Have fun and do what you love – You will care much less about other people’s enjoyment / lives if you are having fun yourself – DUH!

Be Grateful – Appreciate what you have and how lucky you are that this may be your biggest problem right now! #firstworldproblems


If you think you or a friend may be suffering from FOMO then putting into practise the above treatments should resolve the issue. However, like Herpes, it could return from time to time, but the treatments remain timeless.


I hope you enjoyed my ‘Tongue in Cheek’ take on FOMO! I love writing satirical posts and find that others seem to appreciate them also.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed reading this and whether it is something I should consider doing more of.

This particular post was inspired by Daily Prompt: Missing

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  1. Luckily, I was born with SSAS (Social Situation Aversion Syndrome) so FOMO has never gotten me. This holiday season, I’ll diligently pray for those less fortunate.

    Liked by 2 people

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