5 Times you should just ‘Cut and Run’

It is not normally advised to flee from any situation. It is a sign of weakness, a sign of giving up and in many circumstances the worst way to deal with the issue. No one will advise running from your life responsibilities or running from your problems, it is always best to deal with things HEAD ON.

However, I have learnt over the years that there are times you can and SHOULD make a polite exit and avoid certain situations if at all possible. Below are 5 of the things you should ‘Cut and Run’:



I cannot deny this is something I still find myself embroiled in from time to time but it is something I am trying to detach myself from. Gossip is simply “Garbage of Stupid Silly Ignorant People”.

It is the lowest form of conversation and completely unnecessary. Rather than spending time talking about the misfortunes of others or revelling in the mistakes of people you don’t like, you should celebrate the good fortune or those you love and be compassionate to those who are suffering.

Gossiping only breeds negativity and if you are ever in a situation where you are caught up in a gossip session, leave, and if you can’t find a way to get away, then change the subject. Be the bigger and better person.

Negative People

Some people are simply negative. No matter what the situation they have a knack of bringing a downer on every conversation. In certain circumstances, a little empathy may be required, but a lot of them time they are simply negative for no apparent reason.

It is draining to be around these types of people and you will generally find they will begin to influence your mood. You may not be able to remove some people from your life completely but you can avoid their negativity and ultimately avoid the effect it has on you.

Negative thoughts

This is something we all suffer with at times. Even if you project positivity to others it can be hard to quieten the negative thoughts that run through your mind, but focussing on negatives you find yourself ignoring how blessed you are in other aspects. One great way to overcome this is to write a daily gratitude list. I post one weekly and you can read my latest here.

Peer Pressure

Don’t allow yourself to be forced into doing things you don’t want to do or to be put in a position where you feel uncomfortable with the things people are doing around you. This is a known struggle for all of us while navigating our teens but people underestimate the presence of such pressure in adulthood.

Be confident in yourself, your beliefs, and your morals. The peoples you surround yourself with should understand your choices and if they don’t you should potentially consider ‘feeling’ from that relationship also.

Pointless Drama

Petty and unimportant drama should be left in the playground. It still baffles me when I witness adults creating ‘drama’ and allowing themselves to be consumed by it. Conflict happens in life but when is not dealt with in a mature manner, dragged out, grudges created and gossip spread that turns it into drama.

Don’t allow your personal relationships to harbour petty drama and even more so, do not get involved in others. Not only do you make it your own but you encourage them to continue.

I hope you enjoyed my post inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt: Flee. Leave a note in the comments if you agree and if there are any other times you think it best to ‘get out while you still can’.

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