Importance Of A Positive Mental Attitude

You will have heard many people talk about being optimistic, positive thinking and the’ law of attraction’. All of which are ways to describe the attitude that positivity is the key to happiness and success in life. I personally agree completely with this and have seen its effects in my own life, however I do understand how the ‘everyday’ lifer and many of my peers may turn their nose up a little or struggle to relate to the teachings of what always seems to be either highly spiritual thinkers, self-help gurus or people already doing very well in life.

I, however am none of the above and am aware that my life, as it is right now, is not perfect. However, my experience of adopting a positive mental attitude and how it has improved my life has made me a confident believer it is one of the most important ways to achieve your goals. I am not an overnight millionaire but I am happy – and that is the first step.


The possibility’s that come with positivity are endless. Once you are able to shift your thoughts and outlook on life you will find yourself acting and reacting differently to situations, which creates more opportunities, more prosperity, and a much happier life for yourself. It is a simple fact that ‘You are a better you when you are positive, strong and happy’.

When you adopt a positive mental attitude and strive every day to be hopeful, that does not mean that everything you want simply falls into your lap, however, with perseverance and hard work combined you will be surprised the benefits that can be achieved. You will find that you are better at your job, which in turn will be acknowledged and rewarded. You will open yourself up to inspiration and creativity you were not aware you had and therefore create new and exciting opportunities for yourself. You will be a much nicer person to be around and therefore will create and sustain enjoyable and loving relationships with others. You will be more energised and find yourself wanting to take better care of your body, leading to a healthier physical you.

Negativity, self-doubt and worry are all gateways to disaster for your body and mind. We all know this. Allowing any of these to take over could lead to lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety that are much harder to overcome. When you choose to focus on the negative of any situation you not only block out any way to turn it around or create something better you attract more misery. People say that ‘bad things happen in 3s’ – I don’t think that is true but I do believe that the people that experience this phenomenon are the ones that allow the bad feelings from the first pitfall to take over and therefore allow further misery into their lives.

Personally, I have always had a somewhat positive outlook on life. I think this stems from my parent’s religious beliefs and regular time spent at church and in prayer. Although I have not maintained my prayers and my church attendance this definitely still sits with me and I have always been grateful for the things I have and tried to stay positive that I will receive the things I want in life if I keep working hard and believing in myself.

However, when I first really decided to make an intentional change a few months back I realised how negative I actually was. I worried and stressed about almost every aspect of my life. Inside. I was living a lie on the outside, saying and doing all the right things, and ‘acting’ like an ‘optimist’ but internally it was a different story.

To start with it was hard, as changing what goes on in your head and when I feel fear and anxiety start to creep up I have really focussed on spotting this early and switching my mindset in those times to find ‘find my happy place’. It is much easier now, it is almost instinctual to shake off a bad thought, or stop myself from having a negative reaction and I tend to just be happier every day without even trying.

Taking steps to a more positive lifestyle is possible for everyone as it involves no equipment, no money, no one else, simply yourself and your will to feel and life better life.

I hope my insights and personal experience have resonated and I will soon be posting my tips and tricks to staying on track.

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