Top Tips to Overcoming Nerves

There is not one human on the planet who can say they have never experienced a feeling of apprehension or anxiety, generally characterized as being nervous.

All types of social situations, people and new experiences can all create that jittery, uneasy feeling that sometimes can almost make your stomach turn.

Overcoming Nerves

In reality, it is not always a bad thing but for some, it can become overwhelming and then ‘get the best of us’ which can lead to poor performance, awkward encounters or lost experiences as you decide not to try something new.

I suffered a lot as a child with nerves. It is why I didn’t go on further with many things, mainly individual sports. I was ok with my team sports but I hated competing in athletics on my own and got so nervous before a race I used to think I was going to piss myself. Even when I was winning nearly every race I still got the pre-game nerves which killed the sport for me. It wasn’t just sports. I learned to play the piano but dreaded playing in front of anyone and subsequently quit when I was old enough. There are many things I regret no pursuing more and when I look back I know a majority of it was due to my fear and nerves.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. My nerves improved as I got older but by making a few changes and following the tips below you may find you are able to overcome your nerves today:

1.       Preparation:

If you are doing an exam or giving a presentation or even competing in a sporting event a huge way to be able to manage the stress is to go in knowing that you are prepared. You studied, you practised, you trained as hard as you can and therefore you did the best you can to get yourself through. With this preparation, you have overcome the first obstacle, and can tell yourself to just go and do your best.

2.       Distraction:

A great way to rid yourself of the pre-event nerves is a complete distraction. Do something you are comfortable doing and enjoy and let yourself have some fun. The release of endorphins will help to calm you nerves and at least prevent you from suffering for longer than necessary. A great one for me is listening to some of my favourite tunes. Once I start singing and dancing away any nerves tend to flutter away.

3.       Grab a buddy:

This is a good one for new social situations or experiences. Nervous to go to this new gym on your own or to try out the local cooking class? Take a friend. You don’t have to do everything alone and sometimes having someone to do it with will make all the difference.

4.       Stay Positive:

I talk about positivity in nearly every blog post but that is because for me it is the answer to many issues. Since taking on a positive outlook on life I have found I don’t get as nervous in most situations and if I do a quick ‘positive’ check brings me right back to base. Nervousness leading up to anything is generally due to a fear of failure, however, when you choose to believe in yourself and know that you won’t fail that fear is shifted.

Think about all the people you know that seem to hold their nerve. They don’t stress before presentations and don’t find social situations daunting. They will also be the same people you know who are a little ‘cocky’ at times, and will say things like “it will be a breeze”. Sometimes just saying and believing it will give you a better chance of making it happen.

I hope the above can help even just a little and please comment below if you have any other advice for overcoming nerves.

This particular post was inspired by Daily Prompt: Nervous

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