ASKAQUEEN: I’m not happy in my marriage. Should I stay or go?

AskAQueen 2Without much to go on, I would not want to give you direct answer to stay or go.

Marriage is not something that should be walked away from ‘easily’, it does take serious work at times and there are always ups and downs.

Your question is quite casual and that in itself does already say alot about how invested you are in your partner.

If you are truly miserable then you need to speak with you partner about it. If you haven’t done so already, you may be surprised to find out they may be feeling similar, and simply acknowledging the issues may lead to a resolution. If you still love each other and want to make it work you will be able to find a way.

Therapy is also not something to be frowned upon and is well worth it to try and make any marriage work.

However, if after trying to make things work and with mutual agreement that both parties are unhappy and unwilling to continue then together you can decide which way to go. Ultimately you need be happy and if this cannot in ANYWAY be achieved in the commitment you have made with your husband/wife then parting ways may be the only option.

I’m not happy in my marriage. Should I stay or go?

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