When did it become acceptable to use our phones while socialising?


I don’t know when this happened, but all of a sudden it seems to be a social norm for groups of friends to sit on their phones together! No conversation, no interaction. Just silence and ‘scrolling’.

I’m not going to preach. I have been guilty many a time of the same sin. Recently I noted that, even though it does annoy me, I don’t question it when I am with people who do it. I simply get my phone out jump on the bandwagon. For Shame!

I did this recently at a friend’s house and had to mentally stop myself. Instead, I called my friends out, telling them off. They laughed, put their phones down and admitted they didn’t even realise that they had done it. We talked about it for a while and realised how ‘normal’ it had become that no one would typically question it.

Worse still was that we noted that generally we’re not even checking emails, or responding to texts. We are simply scrolling aimlessly through Facebook or Instagram. We may occasionally show each other something funny but then straight back to the phone.

It’s mental.

How crazy is it that we make arrangements to catch up with friends. We meet face to face and then simply ignore each other.

Don’t get my wrong it is not a common occurrence amongst my friends but I think being in our 30s we have the memories of etiquette before smartphones and therefore some semblance of moral code still lives within us.

On the other hand, my nephew and his ‘mates’ shock me. I can’t quite get over how long they can sit in a room together in silence with their phones in hand. I will even say something but just shrug and laugh. Worst still is that they could even be texting each other while sitting there! WTF!

Sadly, it is simply accepted.

Most people would agree it is wrong, most people will join me in complaining, but most people will still be guilty of it themselves and are unlikely to call people out on it.

This year I have made a conscious decision to always leave my phone in my bag when I meet up with friends and even at home when having dinner with my husband. We didn’t realise quite how much we did this at home and it has made a world of difference. I would implore you to do the same.

Have a great day and if you are reading this on your phone – check your company first!

This post was inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt: Acceptance

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2 thoughts on “When did it become acceptable to use our phones while socialising?

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  1. I always call people out. I always used to say, “If you were with the people you’re texting, would you ignore them to text me?” Now it’s not even that personal. It’s so weird to me how many people even play games and watch movies sitting in a circle. I tried to make new friends and they would bring their ipads and only talk to me to ask me to give p the bluetooth so we could listen to their music instead, as though they had come to my house to pretend they were still in their own bedroom. It’s out of hand.


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