The most stressed I ever felt as a mum was in the morning before a day at work. The first couple of back were a shit storm to be honest. Everything was a rush, I was late at least half the time and I was returning to house of horrors in the evening. So, I took a deep breath, read some blogs on being an organised mummy and decided to get my shit together.
Below is a breakdown of my typical morning routine to get us all up and out the house on a working day.

Night Before

A lot of the hard work goes in the night before. Once I nailed this aspect, my mornings changed dramatically.
The night before, I plan my outfit, Baby Boy’s (BB’s) outfit, my lunch and BB’s bag for childcare. By having all of this organised the night before I have cut down time spent the next day. Especially as deciding what to wear myself is much more of a struggle since having a baby (that’s another blog post for another day!)


My alarm goes off.
I will admit that I am a snoozer. I don’t know how people can jump out of bed and start the day as soon as their alarm goes off I need at least 5 minutes to wake up fully, so I snooze once then check the news and any messages on my phone before getting up.


I will get out of bed at 06:15. This is 2 hours before we need to be out the door and BB generally wakes anytime between 06:30 and 07:00. So I will get up and get showered at this time as I find my mornings are more relaxed if I can get as much done as possible before he is up.
After my shower and before I get dressed, I will put on a load of washing and make BB’s morning milk and a cup of tea for me and Hubby.
Note: My husband is also up at this point, but as he doesn’t need to go to work till later than me he is normally relaxing in bed waiting for me to finish in the shower.

06:30 – 07:00

I try to be fully ready before BB wakes, and when he does, I go into his room, have a little cuddle, change his nappy and get him dressed for the day. (If hubby isn’t in the shower at this point he may do this as well, its more about who gets there first!!)


By 7 we are all showered and dressed. I will give BB his milk on our bed while hubby finishes getting ready.


We head downstairs and I will prepare breakfast while BB and hubby play for a bit. I will either make some porridge or some banana pancakes (Which he loves). I don’t eat breakfast (I know…SHOCK) so that allows me to feed BB as hubby eats.
Provided all the above has gone smoothly. We generally have around 30 minutes after breakfast to tidy up, ensure all the bags are ready and while the boys watch a few cartoons I will sort the dishwasher and do any dinner prep that may be needed.


Pile into the car ready to drop BB at childcare and be at work by 9am.

I have to add that this is my IDEAL morning routine. It doesn’t go like this every day but this is what I aim for each day.
Some days BB will take FOREVER to drink his milk, or decide he doesn’t want to cooperate when getting dressed, or that he doesn’t want to eat his breakfast. Worse still, if BB has woken a lot in the night (which still happens fom time to time) I am simply so tired that I am just slow and sluggish and before I know it 08:15 has rolled around and we are barely ready to leave. No mummy is perfect and no routine is perfect, do what works for you but if you do anything it is allow yourself enough time to sit and have a cup of tea at the very least. If you are struggling to wake up early enough, go to be early and over time it will get easier.

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