Whether it’s in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, while they are at grannies, or simply having a nap, alone time is a rare but precious commodity. We all love our children but we all deserve….fuck that…NEEEEED some time to ourselves to be the best we can be for our kids. I used to feel guilty when I looked forward to my alone time but I have come to learn that it is best for everyone in my home that Mummy gets to watch GOT with a glass of wine.

In all honesty it took me a while to make the most of this time. I would feel guilty for enjoying the time and would spend it busying myself with household chores, even ones that were nor urgent or necessary. Just to feel productive, but I was spent! It was my husband and family that actually encouraged me to slow down. After going back to work I was trying to do too much and prove I could do it all, but this just led to a miserable Mummy. So I turned to wine! No, really!

Here are 10 of the best ways to make the most of your alone time:


I don’t do naps. Never have and doubt I ever will but there I days when I am down for the night at 9pm. Sleep deprivation is a bitch and there is no shame in taking you alone  time to catch up. If this is what you need do it. That load of washing can go on an hour later.


This is something I still personally struggle with but cannot deny the effects when done correctly. Simply taking time to be mindful and grateful can lift your mood and help you feel rested.


I didn’t get my nails done for nearly a year after having my son. I actually let myself go in many areas and I hadn’t realised how much this had affected me until I started looking after myself again. Go get your nails done, your hair done or any form of pampering that makes you feel like a woman again and not just a mum.


Yeh Yeh Yeh, we all know it. Exercise is the best medicine, but sometimes you find it hard to believe that going for a gruelling half an hour run is going to make you feel better – but by god it does. Something as simple as a 20 minute at home workout will make you feel empowered and revitalised, plus help to shed the mum tum we all hate so very much.


Put the kids to sleep and take your partner to bed! Sex always takes a back seat after a child, some lucky women don’t lose their sex drive but I do believe that most do! Myself included. However, I cannot deny how good it makes you feel and how important the connection with you partner is to help boost any ones mood. Plus I sleep like a baby after a good session!!


I started this blog before I had a baby. It was a lifestyle and positivity blog (you can find my old posts still here) but I didn’t maintain it. However, since having Christopher all I want to do it write and create content. It keeps me calm and makes me feel productive and useful. Even if you don’t have a blog to write for people to read, write for yourself. Keep a journal of how you are feeling and as a mother everything you have to write will be worthwhile.


Grab a book. You don’t have to be on holiday to read a good novel. Take the time to sit back with a blanket and a book and allow yourself to disappear into the world of fiction.


If you aren’t into Game of Thrones already, get to know, and if that isn’t your thing there are plenty of GREAT shows out there just waiting for you binge! This is one I love to do with my husband and I also use the time to make a dent in my ironing. Ironing always seems to go much quicker when I am watching a good show.


Don’t allow yourself to become a hermit. Don’t forget to be a friend, a sister, a daughter. Go and catch up with friends and family, without the kids. Go for dinner, go for drinks or simply have them over for a cup of tea. My sister and I love a cinema trip, seems odd as we don’t get the catch up and chat but we both get out and get to feed our joint obsession for good films.


If you don’t drink wine then start! In fairness I used to be able to drink a hell of a lot more than I can now but you cannot beat a large glass of cold Pinot Grigio. Wine for a mother should be on prescription.

I hope this was a fun but informative read. Let me know in the comments any other suggestions for my down time!

Stay grateful, always!

Alone time

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