5 Life Hacks to Being Happy

This was my first ever published post back in 2016 and reading it back has made me quite emotional. In the past year I have made some life changing decisions to take back control of my life and start persuing a career in helping others achieve happiness like mine in their own lives. (More on this to come)

It is poorly written and a little cringe – but I love it. Funnily, tip 2 is now somewhat harder for me to achieve now that I have my own little man keeping me up! #mumlife

The power to be happy in our lives is within all of us. Time to take back control.

Life Hacks to Being Happy
5 Life Hacks to Being Happy

I am generally a happy person. Always with a smile on my face. Not because I have an amazing, care free life – far from it. I just actively try to maintain a different outlook – I am in control of my own happiness. You can be too!

In my high school yearbook, next to my name under ‘most likely to….’ It read ‘be with a smile’. *clearly not worded wonderfully but they got their point across*. Honestly at the time I was pissed – that’s all I got. Really?!?.

It didn’t stop there. Upon leaving my first full time job, my farewell card read over and over – ‘will always miss your smile and happy demeanor’. I have now grown to realise how lucky I am to simply be a happy person (well most of the time….I can have some serious bitchy days, just ask the hubby).

Nobody tends to ask ‘how do you do it?.. I think they assume I either have a blissfully care-free life or that I’m just a little dim. Neither is completely true.

My life has had some crazy highs and lows and as I write this blog money is tight and our dream of owning a house is feeling further and further away. But I’m good. I’m happy. I just approach so many situations in a way that does not allow me to feel bogged down or sad. It’s not worth it to me.

A few months back I picked up a really random little book in Urban Outfitters and fell in love with it instantly. I have read it through from front to back and keep it by my bed still to dip in and out of when I feel I need a boost. It is a cute little yellow book called ‘Get Happy’ by Antony Gunn and it gives over 100 simple ways to achieve and maintain happiness. It’s so easy to read and includes awesome ‘Pinterest worthy’ quotes all the way through and had me laughing out loud as it is so me.

I wanted to share a few of the important ones I try to keep in mind every day:

 1. Count your blessings:

I do this almost every day. Generally in the shower. I will think about the day ahead but I will tend to take a moment to acknowledge all of the things I am blessed to have. Depending on my mood this is easier said than done but even on my lowest of days being thankful that I am fed and warm can pull me right out of a funk.

Let’s be real, if you are reading this blog then you have access to a computer and the internet – already you are #winning in comparison to a horrifically large proportion of this globe. #firstworldproblems

Try it – you’re likely more blessed than you think.

2. Sleep

You may be thinking “No s*** Sherlock”, but so many people don’t get it. Sleep is the key to living a happy life. (If you are a new mother reading this – I am sorry and my heart goes out to you). The rest of you turn off your phone or laptop and get your 8 hours. You will see a HUGE difference in your mood and how you deal with the everyday. All the days when I am class A Bitch, I can guarantee I didn’t get enough sleep. Its science!!

3. Plan / organise

I am never happier than when I have my life fully in order. Weekly planners, daily to do lists and everything neatly and beautifully structured. It makes me feel relaxed and at ease, it makes me worry less and get more done which leads to me feeling great and accomplished. Even if you are not a massive lover of planning and organising – just simply working from a weekly planner or a simple daily to do list will make all the difference.

For those of you who do love organisation and planning then invest in a great journal. There are some amazing choices out there currently (and I plan to review them all – for the sake of the blog of course) but I was recently recommended the Daily Greatness Journal and it looks awesome. I plan on adding it to my Christmas list *if I can wait that long* and would love to know if anyone else has it and what they think. Comment below.

4. Don’t waste money

One of my biggest regrets was my relationship with money in my 20s. God I wasted so much, I overspent buying trendy clothes, eating out etc and did not save a penny. But I have learnt my lesson. Budgeting is a life saver! (I will write another post on money management soon). The sense of relief and calm when you take control of your spending is incomparable. I enjoy my treats more as I know I can afford them. It is one less stress to allow for a happier day.

5. Loosen Up / Relax

I am acutely aware that this is easier said than done BUT I can assure you that a majority of the time nothing is as important as it seems at first. When you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed do not go into overdrive as this will only make matters worse. Take some time out, even if it is a half hour bath with a good book and glass of wine. Let your mind wander and your body relax and everything will feel a lot simpler.


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