Are you Jeopardizing your own success in life?

It is not uncommon for us to try and pass blame when things in life don’t go our way. When we face setbacks or the goals we once had feel like distant fantastical dreams we find ways to explain it away or simply accept it for what it is and settle for less because “there is nothing I can do”

But it is important to realize that the reason you don’t have the life you dream of is down to you and you alone. Your future, your happiness and your success are in your hands and only you can create your best life. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled in life then you may be doing one of the things below which in turn is jeopardizing any road to success:

Self Doubt

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to. We have all heard this said before and although it may sound cliché, it couldn’t be more spot on. Before any changes are going to be made you need to genuinely believe that you can achieve all that you desire, and I am here to tell you that you can. There is nothing in this world that hasn’t been done and therefore can’t be done by you. If you are committed enough you can be and do whatever you want, you just have to believe this yourself.


Fear of Failure

So many people have put their dreams to one side and settled in their current life simply as they are scared of the what would happen should they fail. You fear the financial impact of failing, the humiliation of failing, the impact it may have on your loved ones should you fail. These are all reasonable fears, but you cannot allow this to hold you back. If you have the right plan and support you are more than likely to succeed and if you do face any setbacks, embrace it.

There is no such thing as failure, only life experience.


Lack of confidence

This is separate to self-doubt as you can believe in yourself and your abilities whilst still struggle with having the confidence to put yourself out there and make the changes that are required. For example, you may know you can handle more responsibility at work but you lack the confidence to have this conversation with your boss. Or, you know you would make a great partner but are too scared to go out and meet new people. Building confidence is easily achieved with the right support and advise. Once great article on boosting your confidence is found here. Have a read if this is something you believe may be holding you back.


My biggest stumbling block is my crippling issue with procrastination. It is a daily struggle but one that I have finally gotten under control. You could have all the ambition and confidence in the world but if you are a serial procrastinator then nothing will never get done. No task will get finished and the lack of progress will be ultimately lead to you giving up. Read my blog post on overcoming procrastination here.


Lack of a clear purpose

Although this may not seem that significant, it can really prevent you from making any REAL progress in all aspects of your life. If your goal is simply to make more money with no clear idea of exactly how you will do this then it simply will not happen. You cannot simply say I want to be rich and successful; you need a clear and precise goal. Successful in what and how? Once you have homed in on a specific goal you can then work towards it in a achievable steps.

This is relevant in more areas than just work. Even progress in your health and fitness is better achieved if you have a specific goal. Don’t simply say I want to lose ‘some weight’, rather set a goal weight and make a plan of how to get there. If you want to exercise more to improve health, don’t say I want to start running, instead set yourself a goal of running 5k in 3 months. By setting much more specific goals you put yourself on a direct course of action that will be easier to achieve.


If any of the above are relevant to you then now is the time to stop the self-sabotage. Start with making some changes – before you know it you will be achieving more in your life than ever before.

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